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Workshops: Avoiding Plagiarism

19. Februar 2013, von admin · Keine Kommentare

In February 2013 the English Writing Program at the Language Center of the Humboldt University is offering the following workshops on the topic of »Avoiding Plagiarism« by Dr Sanjay Kumar from the Centre for Academic Writing, Central European University Budapest.

Workshop I: How to Use Sources in Academic Writing in English

The issue of Plagiarism or the unacknowledged use of someone else’s words or ideas has been an issue of international and national attention in the recent past in many parts of the world. It has even led to resignations of heads of state and other important national level leaders in some countries. The growing awareness of the intentional or unintentional ways of plagiarism necessitates a clear understanding of the appropriate ways of engaging with other’s ideas and words in research writing. Academic Writing in English in the Anglo-American traditions has always put great emphasis on the critical value of appropriate use of sources in research writing. The Workshop is aimed at students and researchers, pursuing in Academic Writing in English in any discipline who aspire to publish in international journals and publications. The methodology will be small group work facilitated by a brief introductory presentation and a final discussion. The topics to be covered include the conceptual issues involved in using the works of other authors, voice and authority, citation styles etc. It would be desirable to bring along a recent unpublished writing sample of academic writing in English.

Workshop II: Case studies and Analysis of cases of plagiarism

This session will be a follow up to the first one where the focus will be on one to one consultation with student writers and researchers. Individual case studies of appropriate uses of sources will be analyzed along with simulated activities in groups.


Sanjay Kumar has been teaching Academic Writing in English for Graduate Students in the Departments of Gender Studies, Economic Policy, Public Policy and Legal Studies in Central European University (CEU), Budapest since 2010. He is also a visiting faculty for Academic Writing at Corvinus University of Budapest. He holds a PhD (2010) in English Language and Literature from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India.

Sanjay has more than twelve years of teaching and training experience spread across India and Eastern Europe. Apart from Academic Writing in English at graduate, postgraduate and doctoral level in CEU and Corvinus University of Budapest, he has also developed and taught courses in Business English, Managerial Communication, Effective Public Speaking and Team Challenges in the National Institute of Technology Calicut, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIMK) and Selye Janos University, Slovakia and International Business School (IBS), Budapest. He is also an Academic Writing Instructor for the Open Society Scholarship Programs’ Pre-Academic Summer Program organized by the Open Society Foundation (OSF), New York.

He is visiting Humboldt University Writing Centre under the Erasmus Teacher Staff Mobility Program.

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